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February 23, 2017

Celebrate America Saves Week with VCN

Celebrate America Saves Week with VCN

Did you know that more than 60% of Americans do not have a rainy day fund large enough to handle a $500 emergency? As far as emergencies go, $500 is pretty on par. Think about that time you had to replace your tires or when you slipped and ended up in the emergency room.

Heaven forbid your transmission goes out or you need an overnight at the hospital. Those bills will make a new set of tires seem like small potatoes.

When you don’t have that bolstered emergency fund, any emergency becomes a lot scarier.

That’s why we are partnering with Credit.org to help promote America Saves Week. For five whole days, organizations around the country are hosting events designed to help families achieve better financial literacy and stability.

Yes, this includes encouraging families to save. 

At VCN, we will be partnering with Credit.org, who will be hosting several events throughout the week of February 27th-March 4th, including an important online one on Wednesday, March 1st

Boost Your Credit: Understanding Your Credit Reports & Scores

Wednesday, March 1st
6pm-7pm PST
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In this robust free workshop, we are going in-depth with details on how you can boost your credit. We’re asking your burning questions about your credit score.

  • When does bad credit fall off the report?
  • Does carrying over balances help?
  • How do I rebuild?
  • There are inaccuracies on my report, what do I do?


There will be no stone unturned once we finish up.

The tools we cover, and yes, they’re actual tools you can implement today, will help position you and your family to get a better mortgage, better car loans and reach a better financial position overall. While credit is incredibly important in today’s world, we’re also going to touch on other key aspects of financial wellbeing.

For example, you can count on the topic of savings to come up at least once.

Overall, these workshops are designed to help you navigate all of life’s transitions. We know that when you master your credit and build savings, you have a much better footing to tackle anything that comes your way.

Sign up for the Boost Your Credit webinar here.

If you’re curious about other great financial and savings topics, check out the other America Saves Week events hosted by Credit.org here.