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June 20, 2017

Celebrating Homeownership Month

Celebrating Homeownership Month

Did you know there’s an entire month to celebrate homeownership? It’s true. Around the country, nonprofits and service providers raise the flag of jubilation, education, and awareness every June. We can’t even list all of the events our partners are hosting in honor of this special month. It’s that big of a deal.

If you are currently a homeowner, you’re celebrating homeownership every single day. This month-long intention might not seem to make sense. That’s ok. But to those who think homeownership is impossible, question if it can be done in a competitive California market, or even have given up on the dream, this is your month. 


It’s your opportunity to set aside time to actually dream of what owning your own place can do for you and your family. How would that feel? What could you accomplish knowing your home life was more secure? More importantly, it’s a chance to back your vision with a strategic roadmap to get there.

Yes, every month countless individuals just like you turn the corner to make homeownership real. Individuals with the same income constraints, barriers, and family dynamics—they all get there.

It’s your turn. At the VCN, we can help you get there.


“You’re in The Driver’s Seat”

That’s how Monique Ruelas described owning her own home in our partner NWOC’s latest video blog. Having rented for the majority of her life, the security that came with her first home purchase was indescribable. It was a dream she feared she could never accomplish until her life changed during the first homebuyer education class. The other unique benefit was her efforts also incited generations of homeownership as she continually advocated for family and friends to go through the course as well.

Home Matters goes further to highlight what “home” means to individuals. They have an entire page dedicated to showcasing how community members respond to the prompt, “What does home mean to you?” Here individuals just like you weighed in saying things like:

  • “Home is family dinners.”
  • “Home is where you plan Saturday morning adventures vs. watching Saturday morning cartoons!”
  • “Home is a rainy day, cuddled in bed after walking home in the rain from class.”
  • “Home is my sisters helping me with my lines.”

See all the contributions and add your own here!

In truth, there are countless long-standing benefits to homeownership, even beyond security. You can pave a new legacy for your family. Countless studies highlight the lasting financial gains for a family when they invest in a home, the impact ownership has on creating stable communities, and more. 


Understanding It’s a Journey 

We’re not going to tell you it’s easy. Unfortunately there’s no easy remedy to magically make families home-ready by tomorrow. What we do promise is that homeownership can help you chart a new legacy. Additionally, we believe that with time, coaching, education, and dedicated individual support, that you and your family can achieve the dream.

Which is where we come in.

If you’re even curious, we invite you to connect with our intake specialists at the VCN. They can connect you to quality homeownership specialists designed to help you chart a path forward. This means looking at programs you qualify for and matching grants, which bring you financially closer to that overarching dream. Our providers are in this relationship for the long haul. Some of our partners tell us that they stick with families for years as they make this dream come true, and beyond the process for long-term success.

Remember, this month is your invitation to dream. At the VCN, we help provide you the tools and resources to make that dream a reality.

That’s why there is an entire month dedicated to homeownership.

Contact our team today to start charting your journey forward.