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The strength of the Network is in its Partners

The VCN is a classic example of the whole being the sum of its parts, or in this case, Partners. We provide the hub into which people connect with questions, along with all the software and hardware needed for the VCN to operate. You provide the answers, along with the support people need to apply them to the transitions they are facing.

There are three ways to partner. One is by providing a Virtual Counselor for the VCN to connect to consumers who are in need of the type of services you offer. Or you can also host a computer kiosk at which consumers can access the VCN. And you can do both, provide a Virtual Counselor and host as computer kiosk.

If you would like to learn about how to reach more people with your services and connect your current clients with those services you don’t provide, contact us today at info@VirtualCounselorNetwork.org.

Here is a link to the video that gives an overview of the VCN: VCN Overview Video

You already see the benfits of the VCN and would like to become a VCN partner, click on the partner application button below to complete and submit VCN Partner Application.