Monday through Friday 9am-5pm PST

The VCN offers an opportunity to elected officials, governmental agencies and local leaders to encourage their partners and communities to get connected through and with the VCN.

Local resources are limited and agencies are trying to find ways to maximize their outreach. VCN offers a platform through which agencies can work efficiently and productively, and still be accessible to all. Every day, people use the internet or their mobile devices to explore a wealth of information. Until now, there hasn’t been one consolidated resource to guide them ‘face-to-face’ through everything that’s out there, to really connect them with a solution. That’s why we created the VCN, so people have a trusted source to help them figure out their needs and how to get them addressed.

Supporters become VCN advocates as they bring together local agencies and resources to further community and neighborhood building. We use technology to connect people to resources that are out there, just waiting to be used. And, we do it in a collaborative manner for local agencies to work together and still be at no cost to the consumer, which is where you come in. Help us get the word out about the VCN, coordinate partnerships between local agencies, and bring resources to bring VCN into your communities.

Contact info@VirtualCounselorNetwork.org for information on becoming a Supporter.