Monday through Friday 9am-5pm PST

Dear Customer/Client:

On the completion of your counseling or initial triage session with a Housing Opportunities Collaborative staff, you will be provided guidance and resources to assist you and respond to your expectations of your visit/call. Services can be accessed through the HOC, Housing Resource Center (HRC) or the Virtual Counselor Network (VCN).

Please be advised that there is a high volume of customers who seek counseling and resources, and there might be momentary delays in services. HOC staff will respond to your questions or request in a timely manner per counselor availability. Please review the following items regarding services.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to carefully read and understand this disclosure statement.


1. Housing Opportunities Collaborative (HOC), is a HUD-approved housing counseling intermediary, and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit.

2. HOC provides and presents information, education, and resources on numerous programs, utilizing its affliates, partners and volunteers. Programs include topics in Housing, Personal Finance, Small Business, Lending, Tax Preparation, Debt, etc. HOC also provides the following services:
  • Pre-Purchase/Home-buying
  • Post-Purchase
  • Resolving or Preventing Mortgage Delinquency or Default
  • Rental Assistance
  • Homeless Services
  • Home Improvement/Rehabilitation
  • Personal Finance
  • Small Business Information and Programs
  • General Social Services
  • Tax Preparation

3. After receiving services you will receive a written action plan consisting of recommendation for handling your finances, possibly including referrals to other housing agencies and/or related services, as appropriate.

4. I am under no obligation to receive, purchase, or utilize the products or services of HOC or its partners/affiliates in order to participate in the group education workshops and/or housing counseling program.

5. A counselor may answer questions and provide information, but not give legal advice. If I want legal advice, I will be referred for appropriate assistance.

6. I may be referred to other HUD-approved housing counseling agencies, another agency or agencies as appropriate that may be able to assist with my particular concerns that have been identified. Under no circumstances am I obligated to use any of the services offered to me by HOC and its partners.

7. I may be required to sign waivers and/or provide other documents including proof of identity, in order for HOC, other HUD-approved housing counseling agencies, nonprofit agencies or other agencies, to provide certain services

8. Your information is kept confidential but may be shared with HOC’s partner agencies that would be able to assist you; and, to HOC and/or its partners’ funders for program monitoring, reporting, compliance, and program evaluation purposes.

9. VCN might require the use of real-time video communication, use of a computer, internet and telephone.

By checking the I AGREE box, you agree to the above terms and conditions.